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Farm to Fork Al Fresco Grant Program

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To mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on Sacramento restaurants and their employees, the City of Sacramento will assist restaurants in temporarily adding or expand their outside dining options to accommodate COVID-19 related health standards.  This will assist with business reopening and allow patrons to enjoy Sacramento’s dining options safely under Sacramento’s summer skies.

Program Overview

  • Restaurants may provide new or expanded dining facilities in the following locations:
    • In private parking lots adjacent to the restaurant
    • On sidewalks or public on-street parking spaces in front of the restaurant
  • Dining facilities provided in private parking lots do not require City permits
  • Dining facilities provided on sidewalks or public on-street parking spaces require an Encroachment Permit, issued by the Department of Public Works.
  • Property Business Improvement District (PBID) and Chambers of Commerce (Chambers) are encouraged to coordinate and submit a single application or groups of applications for participating restaurants within their jurisdiction
    • The City will offset some of the administrative costs incurred by PBIDs and Chambers that coordinate multiple applications into one permit for use of public sidewalks/streets by providing a 5% administrative reimbursement based on the total amount of financial assistance provided to the organization’s participating restaurants
  • All new or expanded outdoor dining facilities must comply with applicable Sacramento County Environmental Health, Alcohol and Beverage Control (ABC), and California Department of Public Health (CDPH) requirements and regulations.


  • Independently or locally owned franchise restaurant within the City of Sacramento
  • Current City of Sacramento Business Operations Tax Certificate (BOTC) and in operation as of May 26, 2020.


  • The City will provide up to $3,000 per participating restaurant for expenses related to the new or expanded outdoor dining service.
  • Grant funds can be used to cover any physical improvements that are needed for outside dining including barricades, lighting, and dining furnishings.
  • Funding will be on a reimbursement basis and will require execution of a Grant Agreement.

For questions on the Farm to Fork al Fresco Program email us at or call our Small Business Hotline at (916) 808-7196.


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